INCREASE MARKET UNDERSTANDING The supreme guide to façade cleansing

Façade repair and restoration jobs are complicated undertakings. Timescales and budgets can all too quickly overrun. This is typically simply due to an absence of knowledge and the confusing variety of offered services. Which process best suits your façade product and service demands?Add to this factors to consider of gain access to, containment of materials, security and possible disruption and choosing the ideal procedure for your building becomes fraught with uncertainty. Get it wrong and you might even trigger permanent damage.This FREE technical info guide has been thoughtfully established to provide you with more information about the series of restorative procedures on the marketplace and the benefits that a non-scaffold, dry and non-abrasive façade cleansing technique can use compared to traditional methods.The guide offers an extensive look at the traditional façade cleansing techniques and their characteristics in order to comprehend both their advantages and pitfalls. Problems of access, water and waste containment are all taken a look at Potential effects on both structure occupiers and the general public are thought about The guide likewise explores a dry, non-abrasive alternative method and how the above
issues are minimise, whilst the benefits of speed, worth and sustainability are maximised.Written in simple, no-nonsense language, this relative guide gives you clear and accurate suggestions to ensure a successful building façade cleansing project.ORDER YOUR FREE GUIDE TODAY It’s easy, quick and totally free: call 020 8453 1494, e-mail!.?.! or visit -ends-To have your market news published in the pages of FMJ’s news section, Month in FM, and here

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What food and cleaning products consist of palm oil?

What food and cleaning products contain palm oil?
There is something of a palm oil scare going on (Picture: Getty Images)

Palm oil is one of the most widely consumed products on the planet, although huge amounts of people do not know that they are eating it or using it in other ways.

Incredibly, palm oil is found in over half of all supermarket products, including food, makeup and cleaning products.

However, it is coming under increasing scrutiny as its production has serious and devastating repercussions including deforestation, climate change and deaths of animals.

So what common products can palm oil be found in?

WESSEX NEWS AGENCY Jim Hardy email Email is best, but if not, phone or text mobile 07501 221880 (our mobile signal not always great) STORY CATCHLINE: BLOBS Death from paradise blobs of palm oil from idyllic rum punch Caribbean islands like Barbados and Jamaica are washing ashore on Britain's beaches because foreign tanker ships 'routinely discharge' in our waters. Several dogs walking with their owners on the beaches have died recently after scoffing the poisonous blobs, which they mistake for tasty treats. The white, waxy lumps can lodge in animals' throats and kill them. Now an MP has demanded action to change the law to stop foreign tankers routinely dumping huge quantities of noxious palm oil off the British coast. Pic shows one of the blobs found on Hampshire beach
Palm oil washed up on a British beach (Picture: WESSEX NEWS AGENCY)

Food products likely to contain palm oil



Ice cream


Instant Noodles

Pizza Dough



To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Other products likely to contain palm oil





What food and cleaning products contain palm oil?
A worker unloads palm fruit at a palm oil plantation in Peat Jaya, Jambi (Picture: REUTERS)

How to know if these products contain palm oil

Many products will not outright say that it contains palm oil, but instead list it as one of many other names.

However, if you see any of the following then the product contains palm oil.

Euphemisms for palm oil

Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Fat, Palm Kernel, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Fruit Oil, Palmate, Palmitate, Palmolein, Glyceryl, Stearate, Stearic Acid, Elaeis Guineensis, Palmitic Acid, Palm Stearine, Palmitoyl Oxostearamide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Kernelate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Lauryl Lactylate/Sulphate, Hyrated Palm Glycerides, Etyl Palmitate, Octyl Palmitate, Palmityl Alcohol

Supermarket Iceland has confirmed that they will stop using palm oil in their own brand food by the end of 2018.

‘Until Iceland can guarantee palm oil is not causing rainforest destruction, we are simply saying “no to palm oil”,’ explains Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker.

‘We don’t believe there is such a thing as verifiably “sustainable” palm oil available in the mass market, so we are giving consumers a choice for the first time.

‘Having recently been to Indonesia and seen the environmental devastation caused by expanding palm oil production first hand, I feel passionately about the importance of raising awareness of this issue – and I know many British consumers share my concern and want to have a real choice about what they buy.

‘This journey has shown me that, currently, no major supermarket or food manufacturer can substantiate any claim that the palm oil they use is truly sustainable, as the damage being caused to the global environment and communities in South East Asia is just too extensive.’

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Stunning images reveal extent of issues at House of Tiago in Lincoln

These are the terrible conditions discovered in a popular Lincoln dining establishment simply weeks prior to it closed down.Smashed glass

in the pizza oven held together by tape, a fridge door which came off when opened and no hot running water were simply a variety of breaches of law found in Brazilian restaurant House of Tiago

in Silver Street.Inspectors were employed on December 15 2017 after Lincolnshire County Council received problems from members of the public.The dining establishment closed its doors for the final time on February 8 simply 2 months after the assessment with managers blaming the publicity surrounding its one star food hygiene rating.A Freedom of Details demand submitted by Lincolnshire Live has actually now exposed the complete extent of the issues.The report highlights a variety of locations where the dining establishment was cannot adhere to the law as well as bad working practices.Here are a few of the problems discovered. Absence of cleansing discovered behind the buffet Warm water provision On two events when inspectors checked out on December 6 and December 15 in 2017 there was no hot running water.The inspector comprehended that the boiler needed to be reset on a daily basis.The report stated:”This is not appropriate. Hot water needs to be readily offered for cleansing, disinfection and hand

cleaning where food is being dealt with and prepared. Even more to this warm water is essential for excellent hand hygiene among customers using toilet facilities.Refuse store

The waste area was discovered to be disorganised A problem was gotten concerning rubbish. It was discovered that the location where waste was managed was disorganised with large build-up of rubbish to be removed.Food security A food handler was witnessed preparing raw meat with no protective clothing. A person was also seen eating their lunch within the cooking area while food preparation was taking place.Only one sanitiser was identified to service both the kitchen area and buffet area and filthy hand contact points were discovered to door manages and changes.

Inspectors found insufficent cleansing in the waste oil location It was also noted that the sink where devices was cleaned was being utilized to defrost raw meat.Monitoring records It was discovered that for the week starting December 11, from the 12th onwards, food security records had actually not been completed.Cleaning There were also examples of bad cleansing discovered at the time of evaluation.

Food accumulated in the fracture of the buffet work leading Therewas low level cleaning within the kitchen area and freezer store room, in specific behind equipment and at flooring to wall junctions.< figure data-mod=image itemprop =image itemscope

=itemscope itemtype= >

Low requirements of cleaning were found behind equipment There was

also food particles within the crack to the work-top buffet and poor cleaning to the waste oil location and the area between the windows to the rear of the buffet and the work top.Maintenance of devices and building There were also examples of poor maintenance found throughout the assessment. Glass on the pizza oven was held together by tape These included the glass to the lower pizza oven door being broken and held together with tape, panes of glass to the external window to the back of the salad bar being broken and the work top to the salad bar being damaged allowing

for food debris to accumulate. A fridge door came off in one of the inspector’s hands The refrigerator door also came

off in the hands of among the inspectors. A used

and dirty outdoor camping stove was discovered in the bar area, one ring to the electric hob in the buffet location was not working and the flooring to wall junctions within the cooking area were not sealed thoroughly.Equipment wash location At the time of inspection the dishwashing machine was not working.The report stated: “The dishwashing machine

is needed for the comprehensive cleansing and disinfection of equipment

within this cooking area.”Meat slicer The meat slicer located within the buffet location did not have a blade provider for the safe elimination of the blade.The blade provider is needed for the function of taking apart for cleansing and disinfection. Broken glass behind the salad bar Operating conditions Throughoutthe check out it was kept in mind that the dining establishment area was cold, around 13C, and workers were using outside coats to keep warm.The inspectors encouraged that for the type of

environment the minimum temperature should be around 16C. Cleaning up cabinet

Inspectors also wanted the cleaning cabinet to be cleaned up and organised Inspectors likewise encouraged that the cleaning cabinet must be cleaned up and tidied.During the assessment House of Tiago was also encouraged to make some changes under recommendations of excellent practice. These where generally

concentrated on the salad bar area and the chest freezers in the storeroom.Lincolnshire Live have

approached the House of Tiago for a comment.


Serial thief is jailed and should pay payment after 4 thefts

A thief who struck at 4 stores has actually been locked-up and bought to pay compensation.Chesterfield magistrates’court

heard on Tuesday, April 18, how Charley Louise Wright, 25, formerly of Garden Crescent, South Normanton, two times stole items from a Boyes store, in Heanor, and stole products from a Co-op, at Ilkeston, and from a One Stop, at Alfreton.Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said:”There

are four charges of theft from July, in 2015, to November, in 2015, with an overall of ₤ 272.49 of products taken. “She took a fryer, cutting discs, meat and home cleaning items.”Mrs Allsop included that Wright initially appeared at Derby magistrates’court on November 17 and pleaded guilty to the 4 thefts.Wright was bailed to re-appear for sentencing on December 14, last year, but did not attend since she was in police custody awaiting to being handled in Nottinghamshire for another matter.The offender, who is now of no fixed residence, confessed the four thefts from Boyes, on Market Street, at Heanor, the Co-op, on Main Street, at Horsley Woodhouse, and from the One Stop, on Nottingham Roadway, at Alfreton.Defence solicitor David Gittins said:”She has a long-term class A drug dependency and has actually lost her residence and her children are dealing with her Auntie.”She does not have a

long history with years of offending however it is a traditional, unfortunate circumstance where she angers to fund drug practices.”Mr Gittins added Wright got 21 weeks of custody in December when she was dealt with for the other upseting and he believes she would not have gotten a lot longer sentence had these four thefts been thought about at the very same time.Magistrates sentenced Wright to 14 days of custody as well as bought her to pay ₤ 272.49 in compensation.


Litter picking 11-year-old fed up with alley mess spends an hour every day cleaning up her neighbourhood

An 11-year-old from Grimsby has said enough is enough to litter around her house and is on a one-girl mission to clean it up.

Isla Wilkinson was sick of the rubbish that was being left down the alley by her house on Ludford Street.

Instead of leaving it there for someone else to clean up, she’s been spending 45 minutes to an hour each day making sure the alley is clean.

“I’m tired of the rubbish all over our street and Grimsby, making it look untidy,” she said.

“I’m fed up of watching others throw their unwanted items on the floor. If we carry on doing this without trying to pick any of it up, then we are slowly going to kill the environment.”

Most of the litter she’s picking up is food rubbish, like empty cans, bottles and crisp packets.

Isla Wilkinson, 11, cleaning up the mean streets of Grimsby

She’s concerned about how it makes the town look to outsiders.

“When people who are passing through Grimsby and see the litter on the streets, do you think they’re going to want to come back?” She asked.

Isla’s favourite tool to clean up the road is a litter picker her dad was able to get her from work, which he says has already paid for itself.

“Isla has to walk down the alley next to our house to and from school, and was getting sick of it looking so untidy,” her mum Jenny said.

“She just started cleaning it up and we’ve always encouraged her to do it.”

Her dad Rob blamed a lot of the litter problems in the alley on inadequate recycling bins.

“The council wants us to recycle, which is wonderful, but the bins they give us are so small and they don’t have lids. If you leave them out, all the rubbish ends up blown down the street by the wind,” Rob said.

Isla took it upon herself to clear her street of rubbish

“I think a lot of us have trained ourselves to ignore rubbish, but Isla doesn’t do that, which is great.

“Some days we have to tell her not to collect anymore because we don’t have anywhere to store it. She’ll come back with a bag of rubbish and we’ll ask ‘How are we going to get rid of it?'”

Having caught the litter-picking bug, Isla is trying to pass it onto her friends at Oasis Academy Wintringham.

“They think it’s great because they don’t like it being messy either, but they’re not quite as keen as me,” she said.

She’s also hoping that everyone else takes part in cleaning up the areas where they live and helping the environment.

A spokesman from North East Lincolnshire Council said that it isn’t the council’s responsibility to clean alleyways next to houses, and that lies with the people whose properties who back onto them.



Inside the family cleaning company called by police officers to hose down bloody crime scenes


A FAMILY cleaning company face stomach churning criminal offense scenes on a routine basis as they go in to clean up after the police officers have left.Leanne and Kenny Elliot run Certitude Cleaning Services Ltd and do whatever a routine cleansing business would do up until they get a call from cops asking to sweep up after suicides, roadway accidents and ignored deaths. Leanne and Kenny say their bread

and butter originates from conventional cleansing jobs The couple’s professional division Terrible Clean

Up focuses on clearing criminal activity scenes and leaves the cleaners faced with anything from bodily fluids to bloody needles.Leanne and Kenny, from Callington in Cornwall, decided to branch off into crime

scene cleaning on their honeymoon in 2014 and get many of their work through the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners.Leanne informed The Herald:”We have actually got the bread and butter service, window cleansing and garden maintenance, but when you get that emergency call, literally whatever stops. “Whether you’re out for a meal, whether we’re quick asleep in bed. It does not matter.Facebook/ Certitude Solutions Ltd Leanne and

Kenny clean up the consequences of criminal activity scenes when cops have completed Facebook/ Certitude Services Ltd The couple also do needle sweeps within homes

They never need to handle dead bodies when they tidy criminal offense scenes”The phone will sound at 3am. If it’s Mark from

the nationwide criminal activity scene cleaners academy

, I just get the phone and state yes commissioner, and he says’hello batwoman, I need

you to dispatch Kenny Tidy up’.”I expect that’s exactly what helps you

get over that you’re about to deal with something quite distressing.”It’s that sense of humour, if you keep it going from the very start, then you’re okay.”Business is made up of married couple Kenny and Leanne,

Leanne’s child Dan, Kenny’s son Ryan, and household good friend Steve.Facebook/ Certitude Services Ltd The family admit the task can be tough and sometimes puts them off certain foods Facebook/ Certitude Solutions Ltd Six months into the task the couple found the largest number of utilized needles police had ever seen in a home Leanne in some cases needs to go to severe procedures for the clean ups Leanne said: “The odor can be dreadful, it can stay on the back of your throat for days.” It can put you off certain things, you don’t eat certain things for a bit. Your creativity can

run wild. “You can see something, like a bolognaise sauce, and believe OKAY I’ll leave that for a few weeks.”The pair stated the strangest call they had was from London where

a lady had actually passed away and been consumed by her pet rabbits, however they didn’t take the job due to range. The cleaners never need to deal with dead bodies, however did as soon as discover a moustache left by polices Their

specialist department offers criminal offense scenes including road mishaps, suicides and ignored deaths Leanne and Kenny clean up the after-effects

of crime scenes when police have ended up The couple are typically called far away from house for the professional clean ups Leanne added:” It is an unpleasant task however it depends upon how you perceive things, not everybody can do it.” You have to have a particular mindset to be able to do it,

you need to have a particular team spirit, there’s absolutely an assistance mechanism that
we have actually got in the business.”It can be very undesirable however you need to make it as enjoyable as you can.”I believe the method that we manage that
is to say that what we do is a service to the family, so if it’s someone that has died, then we’re providing a service to the family that are left. Leanne and Elliot also clean up hoarder’s homes Leanne says Kenny has a’ cast iron’stomach

and that there are some things she cannot handle Facebook/ Certitude Providers Ltd The couple chose to branch into crime scene cleansing on their honeymoon “For everything bad that takes place, something great happens, when you state is the job unpleasant, yes it is extremely undesirable, but for whatever undesirable that occurs, we make something great happen.” I think that is why we do it.

Yes it’s undesirable, however that is the pleasant part.” The family pride themselves on confidentiality, implying they are limited on jobs they can discuss -every job gone over has either been approved

of certain information have actually been excluded so it is untraceable.We spend for your stories! Do you have a story for The
Sun Online news team? Email us at!.?.! or call 0207 782 4368. We pay for videos too. Click here to publish yours.



Stellanova Sky Illuminated Globe 881377

Item description:

The tiniest illuminated celestial globe on the planet

A new measurement, compact and space-saving. And yet, it satisfies everything you ‘d anticipate from a huge world. Image of chart is clear and pin-sharp, constellations are easy to distinguish. Completely safe on low voltage. Consists of 6V power pack, On/Off switch, detachable cable.Recommended accessories: Before purchasing this product, ensure to inspect our

accessory recommendations. Specifications: General Diameter(cm) 13 Overall height(cm

)19 Type of build Table model Rotating yes Swiveling-Series Mini-Leuchtgloben Map includes Map features illuminated Starry sky Map features unilluminated Starry sky Scale 1:98.000.000

Language German Equipment Meridian Metal Power supply Power plug

Sphere material Artificial material Special functions Celestial

globe yes Mini

globe yes Style Classic & elegant yes Recommended devices: Maintenance & Cleaning Omegon SPUDZ microfaser cleaning fabric EUR 10.90 * The examined

items will be added to your shopping cart when clicking

on’buy ‘! Consumer reviews: There are no client reviews for this product yet.Be the very first and discuss your experience now.



Cleaning Your House ‘Can Be As Bad For Females As Smoking’, According To Studies

Some people just can’t be bothered to clean their house – no matter how many times their parents or partners beg them to pick up the hoover, they’d rather live happily in squalor.

Well, dishcloth-dodgers have the perfect excuse as scientists have claimed that cleaning your home can be just as damaging to your lungs as smoking.


Researchers at the University of Bergen, Norway found that women who worked as cleaners, or had regularly used cleaning sprays for 20 years, had decline in their lung function equivalent to if they’d been smoking 20 cigarettes a day over the same period.

The study, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, also found that inhaling the chemicals contained in cleaning products also increased the risk of asthma by up to 43% over that twenty year span.

While previous studies have looked at how cleaning chemicals affect people’s health in the short-term, this is one of the first to explore their long-term impact.


“In the long run, cleaning chemicals very likely cause rather substantial damage to your lungs,” said the lead author of the study, Prof Oistein Svanes.

“When you think of inhaling small particles from cleaning agents that are meant for cleaning the floor and not your lungs, maybe it is not so surprising after all.”

The researchers tracked the health of 6,000 adults over a 20 year period, looking at data from the European Community Respiratory Health Survey.

The scientists found that the amount of air women who cleaned could forcibly exhale declined more over time than in women who didn’t, hinting at a decline in the cleaners’ lung function.

They believe that regularly breathing in cleaning chemicals slowly irritates the lining of the airways, leading to long-term lung damage.

Prof Cecile Svanes, who also worked on the study, said: “We feared that such chemicals, by steadily causing a little damage to the airways day after day, year after year, might accelerate the rate of lung function decline that occurs with age.”

As you might have noticed above, the study surprisingly found that women were more badly affected by the impact of cleaning chemicals than men.

The academics found there was no difference in long-term lung function between men who said they regularly cleaned and those who did not.

The researchers suggested this could be because far fewer men tend to work as cleaners. However, they added that it is possible that women are simply more vulnerable to the chemicals’ effects.

All the better reason for them to make men do the cleaning then.


Prof Oistein Svanes added that cleaning chemicals are ‘usually unnecessary’ to use, saying that a good old microfibre cloth and water are ‘more than enough for most purposes.’

UK experts have now advised that if you keep your windows open and don’t use sprays, you’ll avoid wrecking your lungs in the long term.

Sarah MacFadyen, from the British Lung Foundation: “Breathing in any kind of air pollution can have an impact on our health, especially for those living with a lung condition.

“This study further confirms that air pollution can come from a range of sources, including from paints, adhesives and cleaning products we use indoors.

“Ensuring we keep our homes well ventilated, using liquid cleaners instead of sprays and checking that our cookers and heaters are in good working order will help protect us and prevent everyday products impacting on our lungs.”

So put that cleaning spray down and get your butt back on the sofa. You might not believe it now, but it’s probably better for you.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios/ITV

Topics: RealHealth


Revealed: how often people clean their kitchen appliances – Which? News

The majority of Brits don’t regularly clean their home appliances, with washing machines, ovens and dishwashers likely to be the least-cleaned, a new survey by has revealed.

Many of us seem to be lacking in hygiene when it comes to cleaning these products. Some 71% of the 1,015 UK adults surveyed admitted they don’t regularly clean their home appliances, with washing machines only cleaned once a year on average.

Worryingly, the survey also reveals that nearly a quarter of Brits have replaced their appliances more frequently as a result of lack of cleaning.

On the lookout for a new appliance? Go to our Best Buy washing machines.

The least-cleaned appliances in the home

After washing machines, the survey indicates that ovens and dishwashers are the least-cleaned appliances, with the average person cleaning them just two and three times per year respectively.

Fridges and microwaves tend to be cleaned slightly more often, with the average Brit cleaning them eight and 21 times per year respectively.

The survey reveals some questionable cleaning habits, but the thought of cleaning your appliances needn’t be something that fills you with fear – as our tips below show.

Clean your washing machine in four simple steps

Don’t put up with a putrid pong coming from your washing machine – follow these four easy steps:

  1. Run a regular service wash – Washing at 40°C or less is a great way to save money on energy bills and is better for the environment. But the lower temperatures mean mould and bacteria can build up, especially if you use liquid detergents, rather than washing powder. A service wash is a hot wash run when the machine is empty, ideally performed once a month. This will help kill the build-up of bacteria and should help to stop smells.
  2. Clean the rubber seal – Festering mould and bacteria in the rubber seal around the door hole can also be a source of smells, so cleaning it regularly can help prevent this.
  3. Leave the door open and drawer open – A simple, but effective way to let air in after your wash and help combat mouldy smells.

Read our guide on how to clean a smelly washing machine for more information and to find out what to do if your machine still smells after you’ve completed all four steps.

Self-cleaning ovens

If you shy away from cleaning your oven, it may be worth buying an oven that cleans itself.

Ovens with self-cleaning catalytic liners are increasingly common. These are rough surfaces inside the oven that are designed to catch, absorb and break down food spills. When the oven is used at 200°C or higher, the food spills simply get burned away. However, some ovens only have liners at the back or on the roof of the oven and the liners don’t clean the shelves for you, so you’ll still need to use some elbow grease.

If you really hate cleaning your oven, you may want to invest in an oven with a pyrolytic cleaning function. This is a superhot cycle designed to reduce any baked-on cooking grime to ash that you can then simply wipe away. These ovens tend to be on the pricier side, but we’ve tested Best Buys ovens with this technology that cost as little as £380.

Find out more about self-cleaning ovens.

How to clean your dishwasher

A dishwasher cleans your dishes for you, so why would you need to clean it? Well, trapped food debris, blocked spray arms and unpleasant odours – the third most common dishwasher problem reported in our own annual dishwasher reliability survey – are unfortunately all too common.

But more often than not, they’re easily fixable with a minimum of effort. The more often you clean the filter the less unpleasant it is, and running the dishwasher empty and hot every six months is an easy way to help keep your machine running smoothly.

We reveal more top tips in our how to clean a dishwasher guide.

The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Oven

The oven can be one of the grimmest parts of a home to clean. For keen cooks, it can be in use every day, several times a day, meaning there are many opportunities for bits of pastry, burnt cheese, dripping sauce and other chunks of food to end up stuck at the bottom.

For those who aren’t quite so confident in the kitchen, getting something stuck to the bottom of the oven can put you off using it for the foreseeable future. Then, next time you use it and the kitchen fills with a horrible smell of old burnt food and a load of smoke, you’re back at the start of your vicious cycle.

But why don’t we just clean our ovens so they’re hygienic and usable?

Oven-cleaning Brits ‘most-hated chore’

Well, cleaning the oven is officially the chore that Brits hate the most – even more than cleaning the loo.

Indeed, a 2016 poll carried out by Braun CareStyle found that cleaning the oven was the most-hated household task for 30 per cent of respondents, making it the chore that attracted the strongest overall response.

In comparison, cleaning the bathroom was the most-detested part of doing the housework for just 18 per cent of those questioned – when it’s put into perspective like that, that’s a lot of hate for cleaning the oven.

Of course, if you really despise having to kneel on the floor to scrub the inside of your oven, you can hire FastKlean’s experienced professional oven cleaning service to complete the task for you.

But if you want to give it a go for yourself first, here’s your ultimate guide to cleaning the oven – it’ll be worth it, trust us.

Cleaning the hob

It only needs your eyes to leave a pan for a few seconds for it to boil over and hot water, sticky sauce or a load of grease to end up all over your hob. This type of mess can be too hot to clean up safely straight away, meaning it can end up sticking to your hob, making it a nightmare to clear up.

When you do eventually get around to it, cleaning the hob isn’t exactly the most pleasant task, so we recommend arming yourself with rubber gloves before you get started, as getting bits of dirt and old food stuck under your fingernails will make the chore seem even worse.

Start by brushing away any pieces of food, so they won’t get in your way when you’re trying to clean the rest of the hob surface. Then, spray the hob with a kitchen cleaner, or apply warm, soapy water if you’d prefer, leaving it to soak in for a few moments before you attempt to wipe the mess away.

You might need to repeat this process a few times, taking care to get all of the muck and grease up that you can. Lastly, buff your hob with a cleaning cloth so that it’s left looking beautifully shiny and clean.

Tackling the inside of the oven

The inside of your oven can be dirty, smelly and awkward to reach. What’s more, the thought of putting chemical-based cleaning products inside it that could potentially contaminate future food you cook in there can be pretty worrying.

But the good news is that you don’t actually need any commercial cleaning products to get your oven sparkling. Instead, you need to stop kneeling down to peer at the mess inside your oven and get looking in your kitchen cupboards for some baking soda and white wine vinegar.

Combined together, these products make a great abrasive mixture that’s fantastic for scrubbing burnt food off the bottom of an oven. Make your own cleaning paste by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water, until you have a fairly thick consistency.

Apply the paste to the bottom of your oven, the sides, the shelves and even the door if it’s in need of a clean and leave overnight. In the morning, fill a spray bottle with a little white wine vinegar and spritz this onto the paste, before using a cloth to gather up the mess.

The paste should have worked its magic while you were in bed, meaning you should easily be able to clean up all of that stubborn dirt that’s been sitting in the bottom of your oven for longer than you care to admit.

Really can’t bear the thought?

If you don’t have the time, don’t want to be bending down to scrub inside your oven or simply can’t bear the thought of cleaning your cooker, remember that oven cleaning is one of the core services we provide here at FastKlean.

Not only will our experienced cleaners leave your hob gleaming and make the inside of your oven appear as good as new, but they can also tackle your extractor fan and hood, where dirt and grime you’ve probably never even noticed can very quickly build up.

We can give your kitchen a thorough deep-clean too, so if you want the job done properly with none of the stress, contact the team at FastKlean today.

Source: Express, Cleanipedia, The Kitchnn