How Long Brits Spend Cleaning In A Lifetime – House Cleaning

This is how long Brits spend cleaning their house in a lifetime

Would you spend this many hours per week on household chores?

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The average Brit spends a whopping two years their homes, new research has revealed.

A recent poll found that 47 per cent of people spend more than five hours a week on domestic cleaning tasks.

The survey, commissioned by Harvey Water Softeners in partnership with TalkHealth, revealed that 31.47 per cent of the British public spends 10 hours a week cleaning and nearly one in 10 people spend between 11 and 15 hours a week on household chores.

Almost half (47 per cent) of respondents stated that they only spend one to four hours cleaning.

Cleaning expert, Dean Davies, the senior cleaning department supervisor at Fantastic Services says people spend as much as two years of their lives cleaning their homes to to keep up with professional standards.

‘It takes roughly four to five hours for professionals to perfectly clean a property,’ he said. ‘A two to three-person family would need to spend up to four hours each for cleaning and organising to achieve a sparkling clean and hygienic home.’

Coming from a survey of 2,474 people over the age of 18 who own or rent a home, and conducted by windows furnishings company thomas-sanderson.co.uk, the most commonly replaced items were discovered to be:

  • microwave (42 per cent had replaced because it was dirty)
  • toaster (28 per cent)
  • kettle (13 per cent)

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