Married Quarter Cleaning Scheme

When the time comes to vacate your SFA it is up to you how you desire to achieve the march out basic to successfully restore your SFA. You will be offered the choice to register to the Married Quarter Cleaning Plan (MQCS) which uses an alternative to self-cleaning your SFA or contracting cleaning company from a regional firm. The MQCS is run by Babcock and is normally cheaper than comparable schemes ran in the UK.A MQCS full tidy covers the SFA with both cooker and carpet cleansing consisted of. The various types of tidy that you can request are below:

  • SFA Full Clean (inc cooker and Carpets)
  • SFA Full Tidy and Cooker
  • SFA Complete Tidy just
  • Cooker and Carpets only
  • Cooker only
  • Carpets just

The level of cleansing needed will be covered by your Housing Estate Supervisor (HEM) throughout your Pre-Move Out visit. You ought to arrange your Pre-Move Out check out as quickly as your Head of Household has a Task Order or you understand when you are leaving. Pre-Move Out sees can be reserved through your regional Housing Office.The price list as

at 1 Jan 18 is listed below: Types of SFA Cost Without cooker Rate With

Cooker Price Cooker Only Cost Pet Carpet Cleansing SFA Officers Type 1 EUR 370.71 EUR 436.44 EUR 85.00 EUR 321.87 SFA Officers Type 2 EUR 337.98 EUR 403.71 EUR 85.00 EUR 300.05 SFA Officers Type 3 EUR 305.25 EUR 370.97 EUR 85.00 EUR 267.32 SFA Officers Type 4 EUR 294.34 EUR 360.01 EUR 85.00 EUR 223.68 SFA Officers Type 5 EUR 283.43 EUR 349,16 EUR 85.00 EUR 250.95 SFA Other Ranks Type D EUR 283.43 EUR 349.16 EUR 85.00 EUR 250.95 SFA Other Rnaks Type C EUR 272.51 EUR 338.24 EUR 85.00 EUR 223.68 SFA Other Ranks Type B EUR 261.60 EUR 327.33 EUR 85.00 EUR 196.40 SFA Other Ranks Type A EUR 228.87 EUR 294.60 EUR 85.00 EUR 158.21 As soon as you have actually reserved cleansing services you must pay the proper

charge direct to the Unit Administration Workplace (UAO). Once the cleaning has been completed, a copy of the Conclusion Certificate will be sent out with the billing as evidence

that the work has actually been done and will be presented to the UAO who will collaborate payment on your behalf.Please note that your SFA need to fulfill a minimum standard of tidiness for you to opt to utilize of the MQCS. Not all residents reach the minimum standard. Your HEM will cover these standards in information during the pre-Move out check out. Your HEM will make certain that you enjoy with the requirements, requirements and products required for a successful Vacate. They will also offer you with written assistance to help you in preparing your SFA for hand back and avoid unnecessary damage and deficiency charges.Isolated Detachments(ISODETS )– If you are an ISODET the above rates will not use. You can still request for the scheme to be provided, however there is no set expense structure.For even more details about the MQCS please contact This e-mail address is being secured from spambots. You require JavaScript allowed to view it.


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