SAF Cleansing: How a fleet car can be part of your brand name identity

SAF Professional Cleansing Services, based in Kingston, does what it states on the tin– it supplies expert 24/7 cleansing services to domestic and business clients.The business

usually runs throughout Surrey, and its groups use the most recent devices and chemicals to provide a series of cleansing services, from the everyday window and carpet cleaning to end of tenancy services. SAF owns and runs 5 vans, which it utilizes as business lorries and for working on website with customers.Real Service caught

up with Simon Freer, creator and managing director of SAF, to discover more about business ‘fleet operation.What kind of automobiles remain in your fleet and how did you select them?We use vans and have chosen them due to the fact that they are the best sized vehicles for the work we carry out

— transferring cleansing equipment– to and from tasks all across Surrey and South London.How do you money your fleet? We own 2 lorries outright and have the others on a lease to buy contract since that’s one of the most cost and

tax efficient way to run a fleet

. This design works for us because we get a full guarantee for 4 years, after which time we have the choice to get a new van plus the expense is 100 % tax deductible. We purchased 2 new vans like this at the start of the year and protected a great offer through Wilsons Van Centre in Surrey and the others were bought online through a company based in Bristol. It is essential to look around for the best prices.Does your carbon footprint matter to you? What do you do to keep emissions and fuel expenses down?Yes, it’s actually crucial and we try to be as environmentally effective as possible— that’s another reason that we choose to leave the vans and have the alternative to change out the fleet frequently. We are aware of the forthcoming legislation that’s going to restrict driving inside London and desire to stay as emissions friendly as possible.How have you future-proofed your fleet? What changes will your organisation seek to make as it scales up?By leasing the vans and changing them every four years. Vans are a need for us to provide our service and it’s actually down to the manufacturer to ensure they

are economical and ecologically friendly.Would you use a fleet management company or do you prefer to keep your fleet in-house? Why?We have quite

a small fleet still so manage everything in-house. If we were running a fleet of 20 or 30 things would be different and we would contract out. We use a mechanic to deal with all the car management and they send us tips whenever anything needs attending to.What have you discovered to be the biggest difficulty with fleet management?We do not have any problems generally due to the fact that the vans are

under warranty and whenever there is a problem it’s simple to have them repaired. Some of our fleet has been customized for window cleaning and if those cars decrease it’s more disruptive, however we have fleet insurance coverage and to date have never ever had to cancel jobs due to fleet problems.How do you brand name your cars? How much do you believe your credibility as a business is impacted by the appearance of the

vehicles in your fleet?Branding is very crucial and clients anticipate us to look professional and run a well-kept fleet– it’s especially crucial considered that we are a cleansing company. How can we expect customers to trust us to deliver quality if the appearance of our fleet is letting us down? Corporates are especially delicate to this.

We have actually purchased really smart signage for all the vans and it’s very much part of our brand identity– we’re clearly recognisable when the cars are out and about

and that’s very visual marketing.What would be your dream car?I am not actually a huge vehicle individual but I do like Variety Rovers so would probably choose one of those.If you could go on a trip anywhere, where would you go?I ‘d go back to the U.S.A., to California and drive down from San Francisco to San Diego.


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