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The ‘Birdbox Challenge’, the ‘Kiki challenge’, ‘neknominate’ – a lot of social-media challenges are stupid and others are downright dangerous. It’s time we had a few positive hashtags trending: enter #trashtag.

#trashtag seems to be trending. This one’s from Nepal :flag_np: pic.twitter.com/stAxbQXhup

– Kelllvvviiinnn (@kelllvvviiinnn)

No it’s not a back tattoo people see when you bend over, but the ‘Trash Challenge’ or #trashtag is encouraging people across the globe to clear up beaches, parks and litter-strewn streets before calling on others to do the same in their own communities.

#trashtag #TrashChallenge
Picking up around Clifton with UCMC! pic.twitter.com/IjTVSzk7BN

– Fred Schroeder (@fred_schroeder)

The idea of #trashtag has been around for years but over the weekend that it started to pick up momentum again with people posting before and after pictures to social media. Because: everything we do is for the ‘gram, right (insert crying emoji).

Here’s from Nagaland, India. Students from #tetsocollege with the #trashtag movement!#ChallengeAccepted #TrashChallenge #trashtag challenge pic.twitter.com/ZFxC1g6ctN

– Shon Kapai (@KapaiShon)

The movement calls on ‘bored teens’ to get involved and, as word is spreading, so is #trashtag.

Decided to pick up trash for my birthday and filled up 4 bags #20 #trashtag pic.twitter.com/EHl12o6aT5

– City Dave (@daavidcabrera_)

And the cleanup transformations have been pretty dramatic with some explaining why the movement is so crucial (aside from likes and follows).

Usually I’m against doing good deeds just to post it online but in the case of #trashtag i am 100% for it, if that’s what it takes.
Good people are good. pic.twitter.com/VGqkDEhFuE

– Megan (@bacon_N_megs)

Taking to Instagram, Cody Hanson explained: “It’s the only outdoors we have. We all use it for many different things but it is the only one we have. So let’s all do our part and treat it with respect.

A post shared by Adam Mack (@a.mack10) on

“Let’s pick up after ourselves and then pick up extra. It only takes a few minutes of your time to pick up something that’ll far outlast us humans if left alone.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/EMC2_trooper

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